Welcome to the Center for Global Studies! Our mission is to enhance understanding about the world’s cultures, societies and economies as they shape, and are shaped by, global and transnational forces. We offer interdisciplinary undergraduate and graduate curricular programs and our faculty and staff represent expertise from across social science, arts & humanities, public affairs, and health, environment, security-related disciplines. As one of eight National Resource Centers housed in the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies at the University of Washington, the Center for Global Studies provides resources and programming for transforming interdisciplinary global studies via research and teaching, language study, professional training opportunities for educators, general public programs and media outreach.

Global Studies Spotlight

Students & alumni: share your story & travels in our photo contest!

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Are you a current student or alumni of the Jackson School? Share your view of the world with us! We want to showcase the best of the Jackson School through photos of your research and travels, both local and abroad. Winners will receive a gift card and their photos will be featured on Jackson School online channels.

Categories of Photo Submission:
Jackson Spirit: Show your school pride with photos in your UW or Jackson School swag from around the world!
Connect Theory to Practice: Share your travel, research, work
Gateway to the World: Reveal unique views, social issues, cultural interactions, cityscapes, landscapes, etc!
*All submissions must include a creative title and 1-2 sentence description that shares a story, quote, or creatively explains the photo.

Photo requirements:
• File type: PNG or JPG
• Photos must be at least 1 MB
• Resolution should be the highest possible, or at least 300 DPI for photos (preferred) or 72 DPI for web

Deadline: September 30, 2016

Submit your entry: http://woobox.com/ip8jq8

Teacher Training

The Ramayana and Other Tales from South and Southeast Asia and Finding Home: Culturally Responsive and Inclusive Practices

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These workshops will help teachers learn about South and Southeast Asian literature, as well as to practice Common Core proficiencies. Teachers will earn eight (8) free clock hours and $100 stipends for each 2-part workshop they attend.

The Ramayana and Other Tales from South and Southeast Asia will offer teachers the opportunity to get to know this classic tale, popular in many parts of Asia.

Finding Home will offer teachers the opportunity to explore how and why people move home, and how they create a home in their new locales.

Find out more about the workshops and register here

Upcoming Summer Courses

Summer 2016 and Autumn 2016 course offerings are now available!

Intensive Portuguese for Spanish Speakers

If you speak Spanish, you can understand more than 50% of Portuguese texts without any previous knowledge! Portuguese 105 is an accelerated class for Spanish Speakers, which focuses on the similarities and differences between Portuguese and Spanish.


PORT 105
MTWThF 8:30-10:40
Summer A-Term

Register for PORT 105


Hindi Language Courses

Hindi is one of seventeen unique languages supported by the Center for Global Studies. Check out the great video on Hindi courses at the University created by the UW Asian Languages and Literature department.

Learn more about Hindi and the programs offered at UW here: https://asian.washington.edu/fields/hindi

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