Shifting Sands: The United States in the Middle East Cover

Joel S. Migdal’s new book, Shifting Sands, explores the ups and downs of the United States since World War II in the Middle East. In explaining America’s roller-coaster ride, Migdal shows how U.S. officials from the aftermath of World War II through the end of the twentieth century built a rigid strategic model atop the shifting sands of the region. Now, with the Arab Spring signifying another Mideast transformation, Joel S. Migdal offers a new, workable strategy for the United States in this crucial region.
''Migdal offers a comprehensive, creative and balanced description and analysis of the American role in the Middle East over the last seven decades... This highly readable volume is a major contribution for Middle East Studies, US foreign policy and Israel-related scholarship.''
-Prof. Ilan Peleg, Professor of Political Science, Lafayette University, Founding editor, Israel Studies Forum

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