What is your conception of the state?

A questioner asks, ¿Cual es su concepto de estado?

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  • Hamas protest

Is the disappearance of Israel Hamas’s goal?

Comment on Hamas's long-term goals?

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  • Abbas and Obama

Would Israeli unilateral withdrawal lead to peace?

Joel Migdal comments on the possible utility of a unilateral withdrawal from most of the West Bank.

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  • Annapolis summit

Why did Abbas not insist on the “Olmert Plan”?

Joel Migdal comments on Mahmoud Abbas's negotiating strategy.

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  • Israel and Palestine Peace

Under what conditions could Israel & Palestine reach a peace settlement?

Joel Migdal shares his views on the likelihood of a peace settlement between Israel and Palestine.

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  • United States Intervention in Dominican Republic

Should the U.S. intervene abroad?

Joel Migdal addresses the question of whether the United States should get involved in foreign conflicts.

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  • George Bush Mission Accomplished

Did the Bush administration miscalculate in invading Iraq in 2003?

Joel Migdal weighs in on the 2003 American invasion of Iraq.

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  • Israeli Iranian Flags

Is Iran’s anti-Israel policy based in historical enmity between Jews and Persians?

Joel Migdal discusses the historical roots of the conflict between Iran and Israel.

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  • Copts in Tahrir

How have religious minorities fared with the rise of political Islam?

Joel Migdal answers a question about the status of Middle Eastern religious minorities in an era of political Islam.

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  • United States in Afghanistan

Can the U.S. prevent the disintegration of Afghanistan?

Joel Migdal provides a historical context for the recent disintegration of states and addresses the question of whether United States intervention can slow or prevent this disintegration.

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