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U.S. Foreign Policy

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Questions about U.S. policies and responses to various world crises and actual outcomes beyond policymakers’ intentions.
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Ask Professor Migdal your own question about foreign policy in these or other areas.
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Questions about Israel’s domestic politics, economics, social life, and culture.

Israel/Palestine/Arab Conflict

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Questions about the peace process between Palestine and Israel, the recurring failures in that process, and other parties’ roles.

World Hot Spots, World Powers

World Powers

Questions that deal with crises grabbing the headlines, such as the Ukraine.

The Middle East

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Questions about the multiple crises in the region, including those in Syria, Iraq, and Egypt, and about regional dynamics.

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About Professor Migdal

Joel MigdalJoel S. Migdal is the Robert F. Philip Professor of International Studies in the University of Washington’s Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies. Dr. Migdal was formerly associate professor of Government at Harvard University and senior lecturer at Tel-Aviv University.

Dr. Migdal is the founding chair of the University of Washington ‘s International Studies Program. In 1993, he received the University of Washington’s Distinguished Teaching Award; in 1994, the Washington State Governor’s Writers Award; in 2006, the Marsha L. Landolt Distinguished Graduate Mentor Award; and, in 2008, the Provost Distinguished Lectureship.