• Arts and Sciences News Brief 2015

College of Arts and Sciences: News Brief 2015

Joel Migdal talks conflicts in the Middle East and how the history of the region has been shaped over time. He discusses the future of

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Migdal reviews Baruch Kimmerling’s wonderful memoir

Public sociologist Baruch Kimmerling wrote a memoir before his death, Marginal at the Center

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New Books in World Affairs Podcast

Christian Peterson interviews Migdal

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  • Joel Migdal appears on "Worlds Away"

Watch Joel Migdal on Russian News Show

Prof. Joel Migdal was the guest on a recent episode of “Worlds Apart,” a Russian television news show.

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70 Years of U.S. in the Middle East: An Interview

Migdal interviewed on Chicago radio show This Is Hell

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Should we support BDS?

The BDS Movement has gained increasing attention. I state the reasons for my opposition

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Anthropology and Political Science: Oil and Water?

I review Aronoff and Kubik's fascinating new book on the convergence of political science and anthropology.

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  • KUOW interview

Public Radio Interview: A Look At America’s Middle East Foreign Policy Over The Last 70 Years

Steve Scher interviews Joel Migdal on Seattle's public radio station, KUOW, on the state of the Middle East today. Or click here.

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The PLO-Hamas Unity Agreement: an Opportunity for the United States and Israel

Why may the PLO-Hamas unity agreement actually be an opportunity for Israel and the United States?

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  • John Kerry and Tony Blair

John Kerry in the Middle East

Joel Migdal explains how John Kerry has led an "activist" foreign policy agenda, especially in the Middle East.

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