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What is your conception of the state?

A questioner asks, ¿Cual es su concepto de estado?

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  • United States in Afghanistan

Can the U.S. prevent the disintegration of Afghanistan?

Joel Migdal provides a historical context for the recent disintegration of states and addresses the question of whether United States intervention can slow or prevent this disintegration.

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  • Chinese Youth

What effect will today’s Chinese youth have on China’s future?

Joel Migdal addresses the topic of how Chinese young people might affect the country in the future.

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  • Chinese Ships in Haifa, Israel

Is China a major player in the Middle East?: China and Israel

Joel Migdal discusses China's influence in Israel.

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  • Ethnolinguistic Map of Afghanistan

Would states like Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq be better off dividing into smaller states?

Joel Migdal discusses difficulties around dividing states on the basis of ethnicity.

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