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Op-ed in Israel’s Haaretz by Joel Migdal: As an American Jew, I Celebrated Israel’s 1967 Victory. Now I’m Protesting the Occupation

      The West Bank Revisited When I and several hundred others trudged into what was once the village of Sarura in the South

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Joel Migdal Interviewed on American Foreign Policy in the Middle East

Listen to Gilad Halpern's interview of Joel Migdal on TLV1 Internet Radio: https://tlv1.fm/politics-commentary/2016/04/29/desert-eagles-american-foreign-policy-in-the-middle-east/

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What is your conception of the state?

A questioner asks, ¿Cual es su concepto de estado?

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Migdal reviews Baruch Kimmerling’s wonderful memoir

Public sociologist Baruch Kimmerling wrote a memoir before his death, Marginal at the Center

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New Books in World Affairs Podcast

Christian Peterson interviews Migdal

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70 Years of U.S. in the Middle East: An Interview

Migdal interviewed on Chicago radio show This Is Hell

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  • Hamas protest

Is the disappearance of Israel Hamas’s goal?

Comment on Hamas's long-term goals?

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Should we support BDS?

The BDS Movement has gained increasing attention. I state the reasons for my opposition

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Anthropology and Political Science: Oil and Water?

I review Aronoff and Kubik's fascinating new book on the convergence of political science and anthropology.

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  • Abbas and Obama

Would Israeli unilateral withdrawal lead to peace?

Joel Migdal comments on the possible utility of a unilateral withdrawal from most of the West Bank.

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